Te Whare Ponga

E hoki  ki raro iho i te piringa tāhuhu o tō whare, kei reira te piki amokura mōu – return under the ridges of your home, there you will find peace ….. Tahuparai

Dion Ponga Snr – writer

Taumatamahoe, Te Whare Ponga, Hori Karaka Ponga, Murray Mare Ponga, George Ponga’s generation.

This house pictured above in Parinui, on our Koro Taumatamahoe’s land was originally built in the late 1800s. Koro Te Whare Ponga floated the logs down from Taumarunui by canoe to Parinui tied the logs to the banks and as the river rose it pulled them higher. He then used an ox to pull the logs approximately 3 kilometres up hill to where the house is situated and then built the Ponga homestead.

In 1992 Uncle Larry Ponga held a noho (marae stay) in Parinui where the descision was made to save money to rebuild the homestead. Key people to my knowledge (and apologies to those ive missed), that were involved were the aunties Rau, Tangi, Maa, Sylvia, Pani, Patsy, uncles Larry and Temo and all their children and descendants.

In 2012 the family lead by Aunty Tangi, Richard Gray, George Ponga, Wayne Dixon and many others planned to chopper in tonnes of materials to rebuild the homestead pictured above

In 2016 the Whanganui tirahoe of approximately 120 canoeists, for the first time visited the Te Whare Ponga homestead. Approximately 50 Ponga descendants hosted the tribe at the above homestead, it was a privilege also for George and I to take mums hari mate (spiritual essence) back there and to our other Marae Tiieke.

Our research involves searching for a greater understanding of who we are? and where we come from? This will give us a good grounding and enhance our moving from the past, to the present, and into the future.

2019 we begin a new journey with our rangatahi stepping up to guide the next generation of our whanau, hapu, iwi and nationally.

We encourage our whanau to stay connected to this page for more updates on Parinui developments