Whanganuitanga – Whanganui tribal history

The purpose of this project is to inform the family of future research Marae stay.
To learn, teach and share Whanganui history, songs, stories, and prayers, and Ponga and other genealogy.
To find and share answer’s to the many questions that we may have.


Ngā Rāwaho – Raised away from the river.

As a family of three generations born and breed away from the Whanganui river,
however, our ancestral lineage draws us back to
Tamahaki (the Whanganui mid reaches)
Parinui & Pipiriki.
It is important that we gather and share to keep these ties strengthened.

You are welcome to attend the Marae stay planned and or participate interactively through this page.

Feel free to post information on topics  you want to share, learn, teach at noho Marae and we shall include them in our future itenary.

Questions  have been  asked  and these are the follow up answers . At this stage there is no cost, gifting fruit or baking,  contributing to the food would be appreciated. Children are welcome  however the responsibility of the parents.

Things to bring , sheets and pillow cases, blankets, toiletries, pen and paper, dictaphone, dictionaries, technical devices. personal medicines.

We thank our guest speaker’s  and supporting organisations thus far: Whānau ora, Palmerston North.  Ngā Tangata Tiaki o Whanganui – The Guardian Descendants of Whanganui. Te Mana o Te Awa – Whanganui Iwi Initiatives. Palmerston North Chartered Accountants. Marina Ponga – family trust and law. Amos Ponga-Fou, website and media. Mare Ponga, Graham Carter, Charmaine Ponga, Kui Sue Serancke, Eddie Te Huia, Luesta Te Kura, Meha Te Whaiti, Richard and Josie Grey. Joe, Mandy and the Adams Family. Wānanga – Cultural Research Tutors, Guest Speakers and Elder Support. Te Whānau Pā Trust Trustees and Whānau.

We are planning and welcome our future support: Pipiriki, Tieke and Parinui Marae For 2019 .

We also encourage descendants of Whanganui to check out and register on the following Iwi – Tribal website’s and affiliate officially to our river, Ngā Tangata Tiaki o Whanganui – The Guardian Descendants of Whanganui. Te Mana o Te Awa – Whanganui Initiatives. Tira Hoe – Tribal Canoe Tour, Mountain to the Sea. Raukotahi – Youth Initiatives. Te Ruruku Whakatupua – Developing Whanganui’ s Life Essence.

Follow our Parinui Pages and Groups on Facebook to stay connected.
Alternatively, Maori Warrior Media will be documenting the process of our whanau developments and Aotearoa’s Garden Movements towards sustainability.

“Hoe mai, ki rō wai – journey with us, In the flow”



Panel 1

Parinui Restoration

We’re planning a collective trip to Parinui to promote developments of the Taumatamahoe block among a working group who are looking to restore the land and innovate the space for future generations

TE HOKINGA MAHARA, Pipiriki  Friday 19th April 2019

Travel To Pipiriki Paraweka Marae

4.00pm Marae Set Up for Parinui Journey, Technology Charging before going off grid

Prepare Meals

Hui Plan Activities

 Kapu Ti

Wananga, Workshop, Planning, Entrepreneurship

Parinui, Restoration Project Saturday 20th April Day 2

Breakfast, Clean up

Wwoofing Day (Activities)


 Wānanga – research historical pa sites, Mapping of Land, Clearing and Cleaning


Wānanga – Whakapapa, Rangatiratanga, Haka, Waiata, Kaitiakitanga,
Leadership and Governance workspace


Camera Streaming Time: Documentary

Pipiriki, Sunday 21st April Day 3


Parinui Restoration
Documentary footage


Wananga, collaboration opportunities for Perma culture techniques, traditional maori and holistic practices.


Whakapapa – genealogy, history, tautohetohe, (debating) (haka practice)


 Waiata , Karakia, Moe

Raetihi, Monday 22nd April Day 4

 Breakfast,  Clean up

Review, Poroaki (Collective footage Haka, documentary)

Return Home

Panel 2


If you are interested in attending a trip home to support the movements happening among a collective of whanau fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you, we are happy to accommodate whanau in their journey to the motherland from the Ocean to Parinui.

Parinui Restoration
Parinui Documentary
Parinui Whanau trips home
Tourism Interest